A Man Called Ove


Dear Jeannie,

This time I’ll be reviewing A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. So the biggest tip about reading this book is don’t do it in a public place! I read it on the plane and see below:


Literally, tears & snot all over the place. I had to ask for more of those tiny napkins they hand out with the pretzels and every single time the flight attendant looked at me with a pitying shake of her head. In fact I had to take reading breaks so I could get the sobbing under some kind of control.

But don’t feel like you should be giving second thoughts to reading this novel, it’s not at all like the gratuitous tearjerkers of YA fame (I’m looking at you, The Fault in Our Stars). It’s a book that doesn’t try for emotional pretentiousness, it knows what it is and operates within that realm in a believable, realistic manner. It simply recounts the story of an old man who thinks he no longer has anything to live for.

Backman is an incredible writer. He manages to turn what seems not universally #relatable (being a lonely grumpy, uptight old man) and maybe what seems not even interesting into an experience that is heart wrenching and tear-inducing. The reader grows to love Ove by the end of the novel despite the distance between the reader and Ove at first.

10/10 highly recommend.